Charisma Training

Research shows the vast majority of the population suffer from fear of public speaking. Many are painfully shy with strangers and freeze when asked to make a presentation before a group. This handicap results in a countless loss of opportunities in both personal and professional circles. Its also a career killer. The ability to impress the right person is critical in today's hyper competitive world. Is who you know and not how talented you are that often determines success. At our Charisma training workshop you will learn the tools to become a powerful communicator. You will find yourself as comfortable hosting a dinner party as being a key note speaker at a corporate event. Your personal magnetism will grow from day one of the event.

At our Charisma training workshop you will learn:

1. Charismatic behavior. Learn Power,Presence and Personal Magnetism.

2. Access powerful emotional states that will keep you focused and engaged in front of a group.

3. The 3 cardinal mistakes to avoid while speaking to a group.

4. Use body language to maximize your presence.

5. Learn to slide through any mistakes made on stage without impacting your presentation.

6. Start any conversation at a networking event.

7.Learn the 5 types of Charisma and find the best style suitable to your temperament.

8.Learn the language of great communicators.

9.How to make a powerful first impression.

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Price is $495

TRS Studios
27 William St. 3rd Floor
New York , New York 10004

January    20 - 21, 2018


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Charisma Training