Flow Technology Protocols

Remember the last time that you were so focused, so connected that you felt on top of the world alert, energized and free of self-consciousness? Chances are you were experiencing Flow or as some call it being in the Zone. People talk of Flow as a gateway to creativity, resourcefulness and connection. Flow is a Zen- like state where a sense of timelessness effortlessness and richness permeates living experience. While in Flow, you happily achieve your goals,connect with others and feel you are part of something larger and more purposeful. In flow you release an innate intelligence that enables you to perform at peak levels.

Peak Performing Sciences (PPS) studies athletes, scientists, writers,actors, and other top performers and found a specific set of discrete patterns/routines they all use to induce flow states. We called these patterns Flow Technology Protocols (FTP).

Whether you are in business looking for way to improve your productivity, or an athlete looking to improve your game or a scientist or artist hoping to open that door to your imagination Flow Technology Protocols will provide you with a "Top Gun" approach to feeling and working at your very best. This is done by merging cutting-edge science with innovative behavioral analysis.

Flow Technology Protocols reveals the key practices that "make exceptional people" and teach you how you too can become one of them.

Coding and Encoding Experiences.

9 Easy ways to access Flow States.

The 3 Principles of Agile Planning.

5 techniques for maximizing Peak Performance.

3 ways to access powerful mental representations.

Priming - The power of developing optimal routines and designing your day.

Purpose - Protocols to keep you focused and motivated.

Exercises designed to prevent burnout and maximize output.

Those who have taken this course report an increase of 300% to 500% in productivity,a sense of well being and abundant energy.

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November 18-19, 2017

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Flow Technology Protocols