The Mind Revolution and the Kosmodrome


Using the trans-formative power of film and music the KOSMODROME is an interactive journey to wholeness and personal power. Find yourself shedding years of negative conditioning and limiting beliefs replacing them with life enhancing flow states.

Learn to:

*Eliminate addictions, compulsions and anxieties

*Access powerful states of clarity, motivation and certainty

*Learn the strategies of peak performers in arts and business

*Develop laser focus concentration

*Lose yourself to the power of music

*Design a road map to success and prosperity

The Kosmodrome- Your Pathway to Personal Power!!!


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NLP and Hypnosis Master Mind Workshops coming this Spring

I am holding a 2 day Hypnosis and NLP Master Class this Spring. You will be learning the same techniques I charge my clients hundreds of dollars per hour.

Some the techniques you will learn:

1. The 12 Hypnotic trances people experience during the course of a day. How to utilize them when they come up for persuasion and communication.

2. Learn the art of tonality. The 9 tonal shifts you can use to induce deep trance phenomena.

4. Demonstrate Classic Hypnotic techniques; hand catalepsy, amnesia, fast time, slow time dissociation

5. Learn the Milton Model and Meta Models. Two exquisite systems of language control that allow for the emergence of hypnotic phenomena and conversational flow.

6. Learn embedded patterns, conversational postulates and common phrases that will sway your client and customer

7. Self Hypnosis. Learn 3 ways to induce deep relaxation

8. How to induce amnesia in others and communicate your message to their unconscious mind.

9. Learn Hypnosis techniques to be more relaxed, focused and resourceful.
In this workshop you will try out these techniques in caf'es, restaurants and other venues where people meet.

One added bonus to this workshop is our "In Field Testing" program where you get to try these techniques in the general population in a fun and safe way. Find yourself becoming the expert Hypnotist and NLP user in ways you never dream't of.

All registrants will receive a Practitioner Certification in Hypnosis from Peak Performance Sciences.

Sign up for our workshop:

May 19-May 20, 2018
TRS Studios
27 Exchange Place
NYC 10003

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuition $495

May 19-May 20,2018

Seating is limited to 10 registrants so Act Now.

Please call our offices at 1-800 249-6017 if you have any questions or to Register Now,


For more info, email us at: