NLP Practitioner Certification

Peak Performance Sciences offers a 12 day Practitioner NLP program which is given one weekend a month for 6 months. Our certification program is a 12 day intensive program that covers core NLP fundamentals. Intensive experiential coursework follows classroom instruction and field testing.

Here are some of the subjects covered:

1. Rapport - How to quickly connect with anyone using verbal and non- verbal behavior. Learn to disarm difficult people immediately.

2. Meta-model - Learn to define your goals with precision. Create contexts that exist well within your control. Learn to implement and carry out your goals to completion.

3. Re-frame - Spin any bad situation into a good one. Create larger contexts that open up doors. Discover the positive intention behind any behavior.

4. Anchoring - Induce peak emotional states in yourself and others.

5. Strategies - Elicit strategies from yourself and others that will help you become a better communicator.

6. Sub-modalities - Learn the difference that makes the difference in language and success.

7 Milton Model - Learn hypnotic language and its applications.

8 Change Personal History- Remove limiting beliefs in yourself and others quickly and painlessly.

9 Time lines - Learn how use Time to change perception of past, present and future.

Our NLP Practitioner Certification programs run for 7 months  meeting every first weekend for 6 months but due to increasing demand for fast track programs we are now offering  2 exceptional 7 day NLP immersion Practitioner Certification programs this Spring.

During the program you will learn all the principles of NLP, soup to nuts, practicing constantly  in full immersion learning the latest NLP methodologies,techniques and processes. After every class we will go out in groups and practice NLP  with the general population so can can find yourself becoming an outstanding communicator in no time.

By the end of the week you will be qualified to become a Practitioner of NLP. This certification is issued by The Society of NLP, the only authorizing body endorsed by Richard Bandler
Co-Developer of NLP.