The Calm Mind

Virtual Reality is regarded by experts as the third wave of the information revolution. One of the more promising areas is Digital Medicine which represents the convergence of digital and traditional medical technologies use to diagnose and treat those who suffer from PTSD, anxiety or trauma.

Research has shown many psychological and psychosomatic conditions can be traced to the spatial configuration of memories in our brain. Peak Performance Sciences has developed a Virtual Reality application that diffuses the emotional charge of an experience.

We call this application THE CALM MIND.

Think of it like watching a movie. As you watch an animation certain neurological markers are activated that diffuse the emotional charge of the memory.

THE CALM MIND can be used when you are angry, worried or suffering from traumatic conditions such as PTSD, Dissociative Anxiety Disorder or phobias. It's safe, non invasive and based on the technology used by some VA hospitals. The difference is that now you will have this technology available at your fingertips for home use instead of waiting months before getting treated by one of their practitioners.

After 5-10 minutes of use you will find yourself feeling more in relaxed, focused and in control.

We believe VR to be next step in human evolution and are committed to share in this revolutionary new technology with all.


Virtual Reality in the Cinema as seen in the 1999 film, "The Matrix".


Soon to be released - Winter 2017